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Hello from France


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Hi everybody,

My interest for the prao comes from my interest for oceanian culture. I’m very impressed by the level of knowledge of this civilisation. I try to understand capabilities of such boat. I have not yet a prao, I just use small boats in inner or coastal waters. I have the project to make one. Two goals : increase my knowledge and pleasure to be on water.
Like the nearest water from my home is river (and particulary a narrow one) I am very interesting by the design of Michael Schacht “The Intrepid’ where we can row.

It is a small presentation but my english is not fluent and it’s easier for me to read than to write english.



Is it because some one take a different way than he is stupid ...


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Ghisbar, Welcome to the forum, glad you are here!


All I want to know is are we coming or are we going?