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M. W. Schacht



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Amateur Boatbuilding | As the name says, devoted to boats suitable for amateur construction. Includes forum and gallery.
Angus Rowboats | Build your own expedition rowboat and row across ponds large and small.
Arpex | The blog of Rio de Janeiro based Peter Mirow: design and build of a sailing outrigger canoe.
Arthur Noll’s Harmony | Excellent online book about one man's search for a just and sustainable way of living.
Balogh Sail Designs | High performance Batwing sail rigs and inflatable outriggers for rigid kayaks, folding kayaks, and open canoes. Designs by Mark Balogh.
Boat Bits | A live aboard sailor's blog from the Virgin Islands. Pithy posts about everything from boats to the Zombie Apocalypse.
Building a Brown/Bieker Proa | Documenting the build of a 32' ply/epoxy proa designed by Russell Brown and Paul Bieker, from Port Townsend, WA. Begun 1/15/14.
Canoe Sailing Magazine | Online magazine that encompasses the entire sport of canoe sailing, from historical and classic craft up to today’s high-tech recreational and competition canoes. Edited by Ed Maurer.
Canoe Yawl | Home of the CYA (Canoe Yawl Association), for pointy-sterned sailboats and those who love them.
Canoes of Oceania | Harmen Hielkema blogs about his native-inspired proas from New Zealand.
Cape Falcon Kayak | Skin-on-frame kayak designs and building lessons on the Oregon Pacific coast. Excellent.
Cheap Pages | Craig O'Donnell's collection of bamboo, junk rig and proa pages - includes a proa FAQ, American proas, and more.
Chesapeake Light Craft | Wood/epoxy kayak kits and plans. 30+ boat kits, including canoes, rowing and sailing craft, and proas.
Chine Blog | Tim Shaw's collection of thoughts and opinions about traditional small boats and the culture that surrounds them.
Crab Claw Catamaran | Kris Seluga details the design, construction and sailing trials of an interesting crab-claw rigged, plywood beach cat.
Cruising Proa Directory | A list of modern cruising proas, from Multihulls.de
Cultura Marinara | An Italian Finn sailor covers the Euro racing scene.
Des Jours Meilleurs | 'Des Jours Meilleurs' is a 63' (19m) proa with two Atlantic crossings.
DIY-Tris | Home brewed trimarans by Frank Smoot. Small, quick, nimble, inexpensive and did I mention amazing DIY trimarans.
Drifting Son | Bikes, boats, beer and fear on an active volcano. From Hawaii.
Duckworks Magazine | Duckworks magazine is an ezine that is written by its readers. "We try to cover all aspects of home boat building and the use of those and other small boats. The world boat building community is not huge and all its members are welcome here."
Fijian Proa Documentary | The blog Le Prao Pétrel has links to a three part documentary on proas produced for Fijian television. Dialogue in Fijian, but with English subtitles. A report in three parts retracing the history of canoes in the 18th and 19th centuries, the decline of the proa in favor of more comfortable western vessels, the rediscovery of the proa, and navigation without compass.
Foilers ! | Fred Monsonnec's blog devoted to hydrofoil sailing. A frequently updated source of news and information on the rapidly evolving state-of-the-art. In French.
FWI Proa | Equilibre - 38' (11.7m) Crab claw rigged racing/cruising proa sailing in the French West Indies. Very cool.
Godiva Chocolatier | 34' Newick Atlantic proa, capsized enroute to 1980 OSTAR. After languishing on a beach in the Caribbean is now being restored.