27 January 2019     1 comments

Coconut - the 24’ sailing fishing proa

Coconut is a 24’ sailing fishing proa being built in Honokaa, Hawaii by Tim Mann, for employment in Micronesia as a lagoon taxi, fishing boat and small copra hauler. She is a proof of concept for Tim’s vision of “carbon-negative” modern technology vessels competing boat for boat against the gasoline-powered craft now so ubiquitous in the islands.

“She’s lashed together. Outboard-hung kick-up rudders lash onto the boat also; when they…

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Tim Mann's Coconut proa

02 September 2018     0 comments

Pacific Proa for sale

Here is a rare bird: a 6m (19’-8”) sailing proa for sale. Rigged as a schooner with free-standing masts, the seller states the boat features kick-up rudders, solar-electric propulsion system (range 20+ km), yuloh, ground tackle, easy motion while sailing, fast in light winds, sleeping space for one, maybe two, ample storage lockers, watertight bulkheads, launch carts for vaka and ama, disassembles for transport or storage, sailable as…

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13 August 2018     1 comments

Polish Proa Rally

No less then ten shunting proas attended this summer’s Proa Rally in Poland. Like a gathering of Ents, such a large number of proas flocking together outside the Pacific is a rare event indeed. Hats off to Janusz Ostrowski and other Poland Proanauts for making it happen.

More info and photos here on FB.


Proa rally

28 June 2018     1 comments

LaShunk - the shunting junk rig from Balkan Shipyards

Rael Dobkins from Balkan Shipyards has a new proa rig - a clever Chinese lug or junk designed for shunting. Rael hopes to combine all the traditional benefits of the junk rig, such as being easily reefed, single-handed, and cheap for the DIY crowd, with the requirements of shunting. Stay tuned to his channel to see how it all works out!

Thanks To Robert W. for the link.

LaShunk Proa Rig by Rael Dobkins

Junk Rig Forum…

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Rael Dobkins and Lashunk

03 June 2018     5 comments

A Sailing Cargo Ferry

Harryproa has an interesting cargo proa concept: an inter-island ferry/cargo vessel for East Timor. The brief calls for 10 tons of cargo and capacity for 25 passengers, primarily (but not only) wind propelled, a crew of 2, shallow draft and beach-able, built and repaired by local semi/unskilled labor with minimal equipment and easily obtained materials, and a large tender.

Naturally, Harryproa has determined that a harryproa is the…

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Sailing cargo ferry

28 February 2018     5 comments

First of the 500

The 500 Sails Project has launched their first wapa. The Sakman Neni is a modern recreation of a traditional Mariana sailing canoe - or flying proa - as documented by Anson in 1734. It employs a Derek Kelsall KSS method fiberglass composite hull combined with bamboo connectives and lashings.

The name “500 Sails” was inspired by the arrival of the Spanish galleon San Pedro at Guam in 1565, when it was met by the Chamorros in their…

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Sakman Neni

06 January 2018     6 comments

The Case for the Cargo Proa

Inspired by tales of the early American schooner trade (er… smuggling), I recently sat down to draw a multihull version of an inter-island or coastal cargo schooner. Monohull traders have been done a thousand times, but maybe something interesting might be had by an examination of the multihull.

My ideal cargo multihull would be manageable by a small crew, perhaps as few as 3 or 4. It would operate wherever the trade-winds provide…

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Fijian Ndrua

28 December 2017     5 comments

The Cargo Proa

Praocargo 12m model on Vimeo. Cargo vessel could be the role the proa configuration will claim as its own.

Shipping may be the most energy-efficient mode of cargo transport, but small ships transporting less than 4% of world cargo contribute 26% of all shipping emissions.

Advances in racing technology give us the tools to design a boat that is fast, light, and able to sail close to the wind, allowing us to open up sailing trade…

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Prao 60m

26 November 2017     4 comments

A Modular Touring Walap

Jan Stute and Siegfried Wagner have designed and built a modular camp-cruiser proa that was recently exhibited at Hanseboot in Hamburg. The design is based on a classic Pacific island sailing canoe, or walap, including a crab claw sail and deep-V asymmetrical hull, though realized in modern plywood and epoxy. The hull comes apart into three sections to make storage and transport more flexible.

We like the optional canoe dinghy, which…

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