01 October 2018     9 comments

Wind Tunnel Measurements of the Performance of Canoe Sails From Oceania

In what is no doubt the longest headline ever at Proafile, The Journal of the Polynesian Society has published a paper by Anne di Piazza, Erik Pearthree and Francois Paille on their wind tunnel research results. Apparently inspired by C. A. Marchaj and his wind tunnel testing of various rigs of working sail, including the “crab claw”, the new study expands the range to a wide variety of Pacific rigs:

The primary objectives of this…

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25 April 2012     0 comments

Thinking outside the triangle

Here are a couple of new boat designs with rigs that harken back to the days of working sail. The trimaran is a Dick Newick design for a cargo/passenger lug rigged schooner, for the Vaka Fanāua project, the second is a 60m yacht designed to evoke the romantic image of a dhow.

The lug rig was a favorite of Phil Bolger because it combines short spars, sturdiness, simplicity, thrift and aerodynamic power. The first five of these virtues…

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Newick trimaran

23 August 2008     0 comments

The Spinnaclaw

The boys in the lab have been working overtime on a new invention, and I wanted to give you a sneak peak. Internally we call it the spinnaclaw, however marketing is still testing the final brand name with focus groups.

As the name implies, it is a cross between a crab claw sail and a spinnaker, sort of a Scandinavian/Polynesian hybrid. The idea is to mount the crab claw boom to a spinnaker pole, and shunt the sail like a big…

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