01 November 2016     2 comments

CataProa - a micro multihull by Bernd Kohler

Modern multihulls got their start in the 1960’s by being relatively cheap and embarrassingly fast when compared to the monohull sailing yachts of the day, and so attracted an enthusiastic following of iconoclasts. Since then, multihulls have cruised relentlessly up market - leaving the “cheap” aspect in the wake of history. Bernd Kohler is one multihull designer and pioneer who still appreciates the virtue of thrift, and his online…

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09 July 2016     0 comments

R2AK 2016 and Parallel Evolution

The starting horn for the second annual Race to Alaska sounded at 6:00 am, Thursday morning, the 23rd of June. 58 boats crossed the starting line and headed for Victoria, BC, the first leg of an epic 750 mile race to Ketchikan - no motors, and no support. For a few days beforehand, The small town of Port Townsend, WA was transformed into race headquarters, full of teams, boats, officials, sponsors, volunteers and media. We PT villagers…

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Team Mad Dog Racing

11 December 2014     4 comments

Water Bug - an SUV catamaran powerboat

The Water Bug is an experimental catamaran motorboat designed and built by Russell Brown of Port Townsend Watercraft. It uses a pair of Tornado catamaran hulls as the base, and is extremely efficient, getting 20mpg at 11 knots, while loaded AND pulling a dinghy. Russell uses it like a water-born SUV - hauling stuff and going camping. The “car” is plywood/epoxy construction, it was drawn on the back of an envelope so there are no…

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04 June 2011     0 comments

Small boat - big adventure

The satisfied smile belongs to proa sailor Chris Grill, who is currently having the time of his life cruising the Gulf Coast of Mexico:

I thought you and perhaps your readers might like to know that I am now sailing my boat - a 22-foot shunting proa
based on Gary Dierking’s T2 - along the Gulf Coast of Mexico… having the most wondrous adventure I could imagine. Rain, shine, storms, lagoons, rivers, beaches and bugs… I post reports…

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Chris Grill

07 October 2010     0 comments

Micromegas 5

Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.

Emmanuel and Maximilien Berque have unveiled their latest Micromegas: No. 5. Earlier incarnations of Micromegas have all been self designed and built, unballasted small craft for minimalist voyaging, and this one is no different.

M5 is current with the latest thinking on high speed multihulls: hulls are surfboard-like planing surfaces; The central pod…

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01 June 2009     0 comments

Micro cruising with Cindy

Miss Cindy is a 16 foot micro cruising catamaran designed and built by Tony Bigras of Vancouver BC in 2008. Tony cruised the little yacht from Baja California, down the Mexican Pacific coast, Nicaragua, Panama, up the Caribbean Sea to Cuba, and finally to Florida - quite the shakedown voyage! I’m reading Tony’s well written and photo documented account of the trip, and am currently somewhere south of Acapulco.

Miss Cindy is on the…

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Miss Cindy