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Buccaneer 33 seeking captain

This 1987 Crowther Buccaneer 33 is an unusual find for the Pacific Northwest. According to the listing it was built in 1987 of wood/glass/epoxy and stretched two feet to 35.

Spring is here! Just in time for R2AK, you can race to Alaska, and win.

Find it here on Craigslist for $18,500 in Poulsbo, WA. Some assembly required.

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12 March 2019     2 comments.

A proa with no name

UNNAMED PROA is a near 60’ racing design with a crab claw schooner rig! It’s the work of Jeremy Fischer of Martinique, who built the EQUILIBRE some 10 years back. I know little about the design except that it was originally intended to enter the Route du Rhum. The very narrow hull features an extreme wave-piercing bow, no doubt a nod to the submarine like experience of sailing the boat fast in a seaway wink. A few of the construction pics…

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Quiquec - outrigger canoe

Browsing through Youtube I discovered this charming 5.6m outrigger canoe named QUIQUEC, uploaded and built by Norbert Rettig of Hockenheim, DE. The 12 square meter lug rig is wonderfully old school but the canoe moves very well even so, and the low center of effort would certainly be appreciated with the lovely torpedo-shaped low-volume ama. All the spars, ama and beams fit neatly inside the hull for storage and transport on the roof…


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Ian Aitken’s JACKNIFE is “the world’s first 11m, folding, trailerable proa with freestanding wing mast”. Although inspired by Rob Denney’s Harryproas, the craft was designed and built by Ian and ‘Barn Job Innovations’ of Taranaki, New Zealand. Well named, the craft unfolds like a Swiss Army Knife, only with more moving parts. Read more at Harryproa

Much thanks to Pc for the submission!


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19 February 2019     8 comments.

The Camel: a sailing cargo proa

The Camel of the Sea is a sailing multihull cargo vessel designed for operation by a small crew of 3-6 in areas of steady winds and expensive petroleum. As outlined in The Case for the Cargo Proa, physics favors the proa configuration in the case of widely varying displacement. In this example, the fully laden boat weighs over three times the boat when empty. To recap the argument:

Widely variable displacement on multihulls is a…

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Coconut - the 24’ sailing fishing proa

Coconut is a 24’ sailing fishing proa being built in Honokaa, Hawaii by Tim Mann, for employment in Micronesia as a lagoon taxi, fishing boat and small copra hauler. She is a proof of concept for Tim’s vision of “carbon-negative” modern technology vessels competing boat for boat against the gasoline-powered craft now so ubiquitous in the islands.

“She’s lashed together. Outboard-hung kick-up rudders lash onto the boat also; when they…

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01 October 2018     9 comments.

Wind Tunnel Measurements of the Performance of Canoe Sails From Oceania

In what is no doubt the longest headline ever at Proafile, The Journal of the Polynesian Society has published a paper by Anne di Piazza, Erik Pearthree and Francois Paille on their wind tunnel research results. Apparently inspired by C. A. Marchaj and his wind tunnel testing of various rigs of working sail, including the “crab claw”, the new study expands the range to a wide variety of Pacific rigs:

The primary objectives of this…

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Pacific Proa for sale

Here is a rare bird: a 6m (19’-8”) sailing proa for sale. Rigged as a schooner with free-standing masts, the seller states the boat features kick-up rudders, solar-electric propulsion system (range 20+ km), yuloh, ground tackle, easy motion while sailing, fast in light winds, sleeping space for one, maybe two, ample storage lockers, watertight bulkheads, launch carts for vaka and ama, disassembles for transport or storage, sailable as…

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13 August 2018     1 comments.

Polish Proa Rally

No less then ten shunting proas attended this summer’s Proa Rally in Poland. Like a gathering of Ents, such a large number of proas flocking together outside the Pacific is a rare event indeed. Hats off to Janusz Ostrowski and other Poland Proanauts for making it happen.

More info and photos here on FB.