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28 June 2015     Editor    3 Comments.

Rafael and Heidi Francke update us on their latest mega-trailerable multihull - this time a proa. Congratulations on a quick build and a successful first sail. -Editor

Here we go again. This time it is NOT a folding catamaran like Cat2Fold. There is a change in wind direction.  It is a Pacific proa.

Last year we were playing with the idea of a “folding” (actually “demountable”) power catamaran. The playing got serious to the point of having the power cat designed and built. Unfortunately, Cat2Fold II the power-cat did not touch the right places in our hearts, and off it went.

We went back to the drawing board, and decided to build a boat that will be a good sailboat and easy to trailer (yes, all our boats are on a trailers). When it all comes together, trailering is a nice benefit in more ways than one. Trailering put some handicap on boat design, the design parameters become tighter, more obstacles, more challenging. Looking at a Proa which is a very good sailboat, as well as a very interesting concept, it looks like a very good candidate for trailering.

One year later…

We built a 40’ Pacific Proa, and it is trailerable. Last week we had our first sea-trial, the Proa went off the trailer and into the Pacific ocean water. Our proa is named Hocus Pocus,  Heidi my wife said: “The boat changes directions like a hocus-pocus!”

Hocus Pocus is 39’-6” LOA,  22’-0” beam on the water, 8’-6” beam on the trailer. We checked our weight: 3,000 lb without cruising gear, but with two motors and all kinds of other stuff. Hocus Pocus has a temporary rig, very short, something we had for our test boat few years ago, a new rig is on order.

First time from the trailer to the water took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to set up, later from the water to the trailer took 45 minutes. not bad for a first time 40’ boat. I have to admit my stomach told me I was nervous,  it was very different sailing the Hocus Pocus first time, never shunting before, never having two rudders, never parked a boat before, never many things… never mind, it all worked as planned.

First thing after leaving the ramp I had to check the rudders, they directed the proa very well, shunting was a little slow at first, but second and third time it went smooth and without a problem, more so since we have two masts which both sails are connected together with what I call a controller line. This controller line allows us to sail Hocus Pocus without using the rudder. It allowed me to adjust the pressure difference (center of effort. -Ed) on the two masts.

We have tested Hocus Pocus in light comfortable weather, now back home to make some small changes and waiting for a new rig.
Rafael Francke
Camarillo, CA

Sea trials at Channel Islands Harbor Marina - Youtube video.

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01 Jul - 12:37


Absolutely fantastic, would love to know more about this craft. The exact same rationale we have regarding trailerable small sailing cruisers.

05 Jul - 10:45


כל הכבוד Very impressing

07 Jul - 09:51


Your designs have evolved esthetically as well, congratulations Hocus Pocus is quite pleasing to the eye. I can't wait to try out all the unique systems you have developed to address mechanical challenges.