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PROAFILE is an online journal devoted to outrigged sailing canoes and especially the proa, that unique and fascinating invention of the seafaring peoples of Oceania. We are interested in all aspects of outrigger sailing vessels, including research, history, design, building, sailing, racing and cruising.

More than those of any other island group, the sailing craft of the Marianas Islands, by reason of their swiftness and elegance, riveted the attention and aroused the admiration of every navigator who had the good fortune to see them. Their large sailing canoes came to be known as “flying proas”… owing to the swiftness with which they sail.

Haddon & Hornell in Canoes of Oceania

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Proafile.com was launched back in 1999 by Port Townsend-based designer Michael Schacht, as a website to talk about proas and meet others who shared the addiction.

Why proas? Because I’ve always been fascinated by getting more from less. More speed, more utility, more fun, more of what I love about sailing, and the Pacific Islander’s invention is hard to beat in the bang-for-the-buck category. Proas are also notoriously difficult to design well, which lends them a Quixotic quality that I find nigh irresistible.

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