Hypersprite 5.5 Sailing Transport

04 December 2010     Editor    0 Comments.

This design was inspired by the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor that Obi Wan flies on a reconnaissance mission to the planet Kamino in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The Delta 7 is a small, one-man starfighter not capable of light speed, so to travel great distances it uses a Syluire-31 hyperdrive ring. Obi Wan docks into the hyperdrive ring and zips out to Kamino, where once safely in orbit, he undocks and descends down to the planet’s surface.

Introducing the Hypersprite-5.5 transporter. It is intended to be a device that attaches to a kayak to enable it to reach “light speed”, or in other words, the high multihull speeds that we love. The trouble with kayaks is that while bloody efficient at paddling speeds, they are terrible above 4 knots, let’s not even talk about 12 or more. So what if…

We create a catamaran that is designed to carry the kayak, slung under the arched cross beams! I nicked a CLC Chesapeake 17 from their site as an example. Hulls are flat bottomed ply with reverse bows, similar to an A-class cat. I’m envisioning a biplane rig (in keeping with the twin-engined hyperdrive ring) though no reason a standard beach cat rig wouldn’t suffice. We elevate the kayak above the water, removing its wave drag, and transfer the load to the more efficient catamaran hulls. You are in your kayak, but you are now capable of triple or even quadruple the speed!

The scenario: adventurous kayaker loads his boat up with camping gear, and docks into the transporter. He sails across a windy stretch, covering in a day what would take a week by paddling or perhaps not even possible (thinking of the Bahamas or Hawaii). He arrives, undocks and sets up camp, paddling around the island in the kayak to explore. Later, he docks up again, and speeds off to the next island.

The transporter could carry anything of course, not just a kayak. Maybe a rowing boat or a simple dory. The other added advantage is that if worse came to worse, the kayak would serve as a life boat.

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