Pete Hill’s KD10 biplane junk rig cat

19 March 2018     Editor    0 Comments.

Pete Hill’s 33’ cat ORYX is now for sale. The 33’ plywood/epoxy design is a modified Bernd Kohler KD10 that features a modern aero-junk rig, according to the seller.

She is a seaworthy boat having sailed 40,000 miles from England to New Zealand via the South Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Tasmania.
I’ve built and lived aboard several over the last 40 years, and sailed 1000’s of sea miles. Oryx is the culmination of that experience.

The boat includes plenty of serious cruising gear and appears to be in excellent condition. It’s not every day that a proven biplane aero-junk rigged catamaran comes on the market. Let me repeat: a biplane aero-junk rigged catamaran. See it on Sailboat Listings in New Zealand for $59,000 (approx. $42,607 US).

Props to Pete for posting his pot-o-gold on St. Patrick’s Day.

Via Boatbits

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