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Small boat - big adventure

The satisfied smile belongs to proa sailor Chris Grill, who is currently having the time of his life cruising the Gulf Coast of Mexico:

I thought you and perhaps your readers might like to know that I am now sailing my boat - a 22-foot shunting proa
based on Gary Dierking’s T2 - along the Gulf Coast of Mexico… having the most wondrous adventure I could imagine. Rain, shine, storms, lagoons, rivers, beaches and bugs… I post reports…

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Chris Grill

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Micromegas 5

Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.

Emmanuel and Maximilien Berque have unveiled their latest Micromegas: No. 5. Earlier incarnations of Micromegas have all been self designed and built, unballasted small craft for minimalist voyaging, and this one is no different.

M5 is current with the latest thinking on high speed multihulls: hulls are surfboard-like planing surfaces; The central pod…

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Micro cruising with Cindy

Miss Cindy is a 16 foot micro cruising catamaran designed and built by Tony Bigras of Vancouver BC in 2008. Tony cruised the little yacht from Baja California, down the Mexican Pacific coast, Nicaragua, Panama, up the Caribbean Sea to Cuba, and finally to Florida - quite the shakedown voyage! I’m reading Tony’s well written and photo documented account of the trip, and am currently somewhere south of Acapulco.

Miss Cindy is on the…

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Miss Cindy

30 May 2007     0 comments

Sailing over melting ice

Something about this project has captured my imagination - Sébastien Roubinet is attempting to sail the Northwest Passage (Alaska to Greenland) this summer - yea, SAIL it! Thus far, only nuclear subs and diesel-powered ice-breakers have managed the fabled voyage (a voyage that inspired many an explorer, including Captain Cook’s Third Voyage (thanks to Peter for the correction), who met his bloody end in Hawaii - “stoned” by the irate…

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New Zealand on 100 snails a day

Tim Anderson has posted another canoe sailing adventure - this time from New Zealand. As usual, he nearly dies a few times (infection and hypothermia), lives on snails and oatmeal, experiences altered states of consciousness, camps where he shouldn’t, meets interesting locals, and returns home with stomach parasites. Hard not to envy him. This time he sails Gary Dierking’s Ulua, which is practically a yacht compared to his previous…

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The Endless Vacation

My husband, Barry, and I enjoy independent and isolated nomadic living. So we really thought we had it made 11 years ago when we bought a 40-foot ketch and began island hopping up and down the West Indies. Eight years later, however, we’d both had had our fill. The ketch was a constant expense and every safe anchorage for a boat of that size, we’d found, was too populated by curious natives and/or other ships and yachts for our tastes.…


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A bloody fine first day with a crab claw 2

Part Two of Wade Tarzia’s epic first sail with a crab claw rig.

Bleeding while you are swimming is disarming and kind.  What seems to be water dripping in my face is actually something horrific—that it never stopped dripping should have clued me in, but I’m still pondering that nth dimensional paradigm.  Somewhere a baby is crying.  I know this sounds like a cliche because, in all the bad novels, as soon as something interesting…

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A bloody fine first day with a crab claw 1

Part One of an account originally posted on the ProaFile Discussion Group. We all thought it was a wicked good story. By Wade Tarzia.

My girlfriend tells the story about her father who saw someone waste a few hundred dollars on some unworkable scheme, and he wisely observed it had been money well spent because “how often can you get a lesson that lasts a life-time for just a few hundred bucks?”  My own father, well, I think he would…

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